Friday, February 28, 2014

Weight Loss Update

Okay, so I know I should have posted this a while ago. I know this. But life never quite works out how we want it to, right? Anyway... Let's talk progress.

First of, let me begin by saying I didn't complete my workout like I should have. I did horrible to be honest. I only made it through the first two weeks of Hip Hop Abs and 2 weeks and a half of all the challenges. I could lie and say my schedule prevented me from doing it, but honestly, I blame the jumping jacks. I know jumping jacks aren't hard to do, but doing so many at a time just made me feel discouraged. I'm cutting them out of my routine for next month, but I'll explain that in another post.

As far as the diet goes, I stuck to it for the most part. I mean no cheating, no shortcuts, no games. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. But I did break it the day before Valentine's day and I haven't been back on it since. I got sick the following week and had absolutely no appetite and then once I got better I started eating pretty badly.

But let's get on to the results! I started off weighing 126 and when I weighed myself Monday I was 118. So I lost 8 pounds in one month. However, I'm sure a couple of those pounds came from me not eating during that week I was sick and I know the bad eating habits I've been having lately had to put some of the weight back on. I just didn't get on the scale to confirm it because I'm getting a full body fat analysis tomorrow.

In addition to the weight loss, I can feel my clothes fitting much looser on me now. Clothes that I've always had trouble putting on are now falling off my waist. It's a great feeling, I must admit. When I look in the mirror or take pictures I look like I've lost weight, at least I think so, but when I looked at the before and after pics I couldn't really see the difference. It was a little upsetting, but at the same time it gave me even more motivation to do better this time.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my results. I just wish I would have stuck with my workout schedule like I should of. It's a work in progress though. Hopefully I will do better next month. Pics below. Top rows are the before pics and bottom rows are after.

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