Friday, February 28, 2014

March workout plan

Since I explained most of everything on my weight loss update post, this one will be pretty short and sweet.

I'm cutting out the jumping jacks from my routine. Mainly because I had to do so many in one day, but also because I don't really feel a need to do them. I know I said they were supposed to help the glutes, but the part it helps is not the part I'm really concerned about.

As far as my routine goes, I sort of kind of came up with this one my self. It's basically the same workout challenges before but tweaked to my liking.

I started the reps off at the last day of the challenge I "completed" this month. That way I won't be taking my progress backwards. Instead of adding 10 crunches and 5 squats and lunges each day, I added 12 crunches and 6 squats and lunges. I did that so I would be able to divide the numbers into three equal sets. Also, I changed the break days for the lunges and the crunches. I would only get a break from lunges once every 8th day, which was way too long of a wait for me. So now I take it every 5th day. And the crunches.. Well the breaks they had were just all over the place, so I made mine for every 6th day.

If you are not already accustomed to doing squats or lunges, then you probably shouldn't follow my exact workout plan. I'm starting where I left off last month so the amount of reps I have to do a day might be too intense for a beginner. You should try starting at the routine for last month then working on up to this one.

That's it for my workout though. I made a workout calendar for the month for anyone who wants to follow it. Oh! And I'm also still doing the flutter kicks and reaches. But once again, I have no set amount for those. I just go until my body can't go anymore. Here's a link to a bigger pic of the calendar, in case the one below is too small.

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