Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Diet Plan

This post is going to have to be a little rushed. My daughter is having a hissy fit right now. But I felt like I should post the workout and diet plan on the same day. My diet plan is really simple anyway. It honestly doesn't even need a whole post, I just felt like it would have made the other post too long if I added it on there.

All I'm basically doing is the Atkins diet. I'm sure most of you know what that is, but if you don't you can visit to learn everything about it. This is just my diet plan until I get to my goal weight. After that I'll just be living a healthy lifestyle. That's about it though! Plain and simple. I'll try to post some of the meals I make on my instagram page to give you guys ideas. I think I have it linked somewhere on here but if not it's @beauty_and_bottles.

But anyway, I have to go play with my baby before she starts getting mad. Blog to you later!

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