Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sargento Cheese VoxBox

Hello everyone. Long time no post, I know. I would write out a whole elaborate explanation about why I haven't been posting and all that, but I don't feel like it really matters. No one reads this blog anyway. Anywho, I'm coming on here today because I received yet another VoxBox from the lovely site Influenster. I was actually shocked I received it since I haven't been an active member on there for a while, but I'm glad I did. It was right up my ally. As I've stated before, I've been trying to eat healthy in order to lose weight and get in shape. I've been doing good and bad. I've lost a little over 10 pounds since my last post, but I haven't been sticking to my "diet" and exercise like I should. So when Influenster told me they were sending me a healthy snack to try I was overjoyed!

There's honestly not too much for me to review about this so I'll try to keep this short. I mean, it's food. It's either good or bad. Anyway, in my VoxBox I received two coupons and a case for my cheese snack. One was for a free Sargento cheese product for up to $4.29 (I believe) and another one for $1 any Sargento cheese product. It completely skipped my mind to take pictures of the coupon before I redeemed it, but it looked exactly like the one for $1 off. Except it said free of course.