Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weight loss regimen

I'm currently doing two things as my workout. The first thing I'm "doing" is the Insanity DVD set by Shaun T. I put doing in quotation marks because 1. I know I'm not doing the workouts completely right, 2. I've skipped days when I wasn't supposed to, and 3. For the past week I've only done the warm-ups. I know, the last one probably has you giving me a real hard side-eye right now. But I honestly didn't know that was all I was doing! So it's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I'm stupid. That probably doesn't make it any better, but oh well. I started doing the Insanity workout the Sunday before last (a week and a day ago).

The other thing I'm doing is this 30-day crunch challenge.

Today is my 4th day doing it, however I'm not doing it exactly like the picture has it. Since I'm slacking in Insanity, I figured I would do three sets of whatever amount I'm supposed to do that day. I've also added reverse crunches to the challenge as well. I don't do three reps of those though. I can barely make it to the number required for the day.

I was doing a diet for the first few days that I started my workout. It was a very intense diet. Everything I was eating was low fat and low carb and none of the carbs came from any kind of grains. I had to stop almost as soon as I started though because it completely dried my milk up (Yes I am breastfeeding. I was going to make a post on some tips to a successful experience but it seem like almost no one does it these days). I may try to diet again only less intense and with a lot more carbs. If I do I will let you guys know.

Anyway that's pretty much it for my weight loss routine, at least for now. I meant to take pictures when I first started to show my progress but I never did. I might do it now and post them tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm sure one week of warms-ups didn't change my body too much, if at all.

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  1. OMG, I wanna do the crunch challenge too! Eff, I'm gonna do it!